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Small Blind Card Guard


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No one likes their hand ending up in the muck or exposing their cards while they are still active in the game. If you are one of them, don’t worry we have got you covered. We’ve got a wide range of card guards which protect your card and tells the dealer that you are definitely still in the game! Check out the different designs and showcase your individuality along with getting yourself some extra luck.

With the front featuring ‘Small Blind’ printed in white on a purple background, this card guard can be used as a small blind button and a regular card guard to protect your card. Thanks to it’s appropriate size and a satisfying look and feel, your competitors won’t get lucky and see your cards flip over because your poker hand will be protected! It can be used as a collectible, unique gifting item, and a cool accessory for card games.

  • Card Guard Material: Metal
  • Card Guard Width: 40mm.
  • Card Guard Thickness: 3.3mm.
  • Card Guard Weight: 40g.
  • Cased Card Guard Width: 51mm.
  • Cased Card Guard Thickness:8mm.
  • Cased Card Guard Weight: 45g.

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