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Beer Bottle Covers

We, One Eyed Jack, have introduced a wide range of beer bottle sleeves, which is the coolest thing to buy this season.

Summer is approaching and we are finding different ways to keep ourselves cool and chilled. Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about staying cool in summertime is holding the bottles of our favourite beverages. Whether be it pulpy juices, beer, carbonated drinks, health drinks, or simply water, beverages are among the most important things in this weather.

When summer is about fun, parties and adventures, you’ll see people holding beer bottles and cans on several occasions. But there is one thing about this weather that nobody likes, which is the process of condensation that takes place on our beverage bottles.

When we take these cans and bottles outside of the refrigerator and hold them in our hands, they get warm very quickly. Also, the water generated on the surface of the bottle makes our hands cold and wet. This often becomes pretty annoying.

But this summer, we don’t want you to be annoyed with the same unwanted problem. We, One Eyed Jack, have introduced a wide range of beer bottle sleeves, which is the coolest thing to buy this season. Are not unaware of what it is? In this article, let us discover what beer sleeves are and how they keep your drinks chilled for longer.

What are beer bottle sleeves?

A beer bottle sleeve is used to keep your drinks chilled for longer hours and prevent them from environmental heat. It acts as a hurdle between your hand and the bottle. Along with keeping the bottle cool, a bottle sleeve lowers the condensation process, keeps your hand dry and protects your furniture from water droplets dripping from the bottle or can.

With the passage of time, bottle sleeves have evolved dramatically in terms of both appearance and quality. Subsequently, they are also available in a wide range of materials that you can choose from as per your preference.

How do beer bottle sleeves work?

In simple language, a beer bottle sleeve works as a protective shield for your beer bottle, protecting it from outer warmth and your hands from the bottle’s coldness. When we hold a chilled bottle of beer in our hands, it gets warm and our hands start to get cold in just a few minutes. This happens due to the heat transfer process.

Putting the bottle inside the sleeve slows the heat transfer process, hence keeping the bottle chilled for a long time. Alongside, these sleeves restrain the water generated on the bottle, keeping the surface clean and dry. If you are still confused about whether buy a beer bottle sleeve or not, below mentioned are some more reasons for the same.

  • Beer bottle sleeves keep your hands warm
  • They prevent the formation of water rings on your furniture
  • It insulates your drink, keeping it cooler for longer
  • You get more time to enjoy your drink
  • Provides a unique identity to your bottle
  • Available for cans and bottles of different shapes and sizes
  • Most sleeves are made using high-quality materials
  • Easy to store and clean

The Bottom Line

So, these were the things you need to know about beer bottle covers and how they work. We hope you find the article informative. You must now be thinking about having a beer bottle in your hands. Isn’t it?

If yes, do not forget to hold it with a beer bottle sleeve and enjoy drinking chilled sips till your drink ends. Although, make sure not to waste your money on ordinary sleeves. Instead, buy a high-quality premium sleeve from One Eyed Jack that serves you for a long time and keeps your drink cold until you finish it. Get one for yourself and enjoy!