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Undoubtedly this could have been a long list, but being a leading online poker store in India, we have tried to compile the three biggest mistakes that amateur poker players make often.

The most compelling thing about the game of poker is the many ways you can discuss the game. For instance, poker can be discussed as a game of chance or as a game of skill.

Many people consider poker as a game of skill as it requires a good understanding of probabilities and statistics to play well. Although, there are other people who believe that poker is way more than a simple game of chance and it takes more than just luck to win the game. It’s true that everyone is a beginner at first, but in the end, it is up to us to learn from our mistakes and make the most of our upcoming opportunities.

If you are thinking about what mistakes a poker newbie makes, this article is for you. Undoubtedly this could have been a long list, but being a leading online poker store in India, we have tried to compile the three biggest mistakes that amateur poker players make often.

  • Getting overly excited with big pairs

Amateur poker players enter the poker room with the knowledge of game basics. They are aware of the top ten hands such as the A-K, Pocket Aces, pocket kings, etc. But after getting one of these hands, their excitement level grows without any bound, resulting in the diversion of mind and lack of focus on other aspects of the game. This is possibly the biggest mistake that a poker newbie can make.

The main problem with sticking to these hands is that a newcomer thinks they are indomitable and starts playing aggressively. Although these hands are considered the best and are favourites, this might not be the end of the game. Being an amateur, if you are facing some pros on the table, an aggressive way of playing might result in losing too much money.

No matter, whether you are a newcomer or an experienced player, try asking yourself a few questions and try to devise strategies and their results. Also try to find answers to these questions in your mind, as many poker pros do the same while playing.

  • Paying attention

Lack of attention is another hurdle in the path of the game and newcomers often mistakes with this. There are higher chances of you returning with a negative bankroll if you do not know what is going on at the table. Most amateurs do not know their turn and have no clue if the opponent has raised or not. These fundamental mistakes are avoidable if you focus on your table and read the game closely.

  • Holding onto hands for a long time

Amateur players often try sticking to their hands for a long time, resulting in more chips or cash in a tournament. Suppose you receive four of the same suit on the flop. In that case, your chances of flushing by the river are approximately one in three.

Consider the time, money and chips that will increase or reduce if you see the river and the turn. Therefore, it’s important to know the possibilities of making your hand and comparing it to your opponent’s bet. Pro poker players suggest if you select a hand two times out of three, the chances of your survival at the table are the least as you will be broke. So, make decisions wisely and do not over-focus on a hand for a longer period.

The bottom line

If you are an amateur player of poker, it’s evident that you can make mistakes anytime between a game or tournament. But by being realistic, studying all aspects of the game and acting professionally, you will be able to become a professional in the game.

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