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Poker Card Guard

Do you want to use a poker card guard but don’t know what to use? In this article, we have presented the best options to use as a poker card protector.

While playing a game of cards, there are several things that come into play. Some of these products are necessary to have during the game such as cards, coins, etc. whereas products such as a poker card guard fall into the area of having fun. Of course, they have a practical function and you may want to have one with you while playing in certain situations.
If you are new to poker, you may not be sure what’s right in regard to card guards. Therefore, below is explained what are poker card guards, along with mentioning some options for card guards that you can use.

What is a poker card guard?

If you have ever been a part of a live poker game, you may have noticed that players hold their cards with their chips or other unusual items that don’t seem to have a clear function. These are known as poker card guards or card protectors and are mainly used to keep the player’s hole cards safe from getting mucked by the dealer and sometimes, looked at by other players as well. It is an excellent way to reflect your individuality and some players believe that they offer some extra luck while playing.
In live poker, players are obligated to keep their hole cards on the table and not on their hands. But there is still a chance that the dealer mistakenly thinks that you have folded and taken your cards or other players looking at your cards think they are his. Because of all these reasons, players are always asked to protect their cards at all times, even if they are required to be kept on the table.

Best options for poker card guard

If you are among the players who want to get more involved in the live poker scene, card guards can help you do so. Whether you want to grow your personal brand while making a statement or just want it for practical purposes, below mentioned are some ideas that can help you decide what to use.

  • Personalised Poker Card Guard

Professional card guards are available online that you can customise as per your choice. You can personalise the size, theme, template as well as weight of the card guard and use them in live poker events. These are available online on different platforms but you can get the best casino card guards at One Eyed Jack. We provide premium card guards weighing 40 gms which is just appropriate to save your cards from getting exposed to other players. The sparkling acrylic embellishments give them a classic look.

  • Poker chips

One of the most common card protectors out there is poker chips. Players who don’t bring a particular card protector, mostly use the poker chips that they are playing with to protect their hands. Using a poker chip of the lowest denomination is pretty common among players, although some of them use other denominations as well.

  • Lucky charms

Many poker players including the WSOP champion Greg Raymer like using their lucky charms at tables that are completely unrelated to poker. Things such as little rocks, toys and other items that have sentimental value are also used as card guards that players believe their good luck.
Whether you got your luck from your wife, your priest or your shaman, you can use pretty much any small item that you believe is lucky as your card guard.

Wrapping It Up

Poker card protectors are fun accessories to use in a live poker setup. Many players also believe that bringing sunglasses, personalised jewellery or the right hoodie to the casino enhances their luck during the game. But apart from the luck factor, no one can ignore the true use of card protectors during a game.
Hopefully, this article has given you some options and alternatives for a card guard. If you want to discover more such information, visit the One Eyed Jack website now.