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Perfect Poker Night at Home

Few packs of chilled beers, mouth-watering snacks, a clean table to play, a nice poker set and a deck of playing cards… that is pretty much everything you need to host a perfect home poker game. But, as a good host, you must ask yourself if that’s enough? Hosting a ‘perfect home poker game’ comes with added responsibilities. The game night should not only be fun but also ensure a bag full of memories for all the players. Give your game attendees a little more than just a fun poker night… an experience they can never forget. 

How would you manage that? Well, we may have some ideas. Take a look at some of the suggestions – 

Send a Catchy Invitation

Assuming you’re clear on the basics of hosting a poker night at home i.e. deciding who to invite, what kind of game to play, what drinks to have etc., our first suggestion is to create a catchy invitation. Skip the basic texts and go for visual invitations that subtly evokes competitive feeling and an excitement in the people. 

Prepare the Rules

Laying down some ground rules goes a long way in ensuring every player enjoys the game as planned. Besides, you are the host, you must pre-decide a few things to make sure no one has to guess anything. Some of the key areas of consideration are the value of the starting stack, the length of each round, the payout structure, no. of re-buy ins etc.

Work on the Seating Arrangements

Every host yearns for respect and wants to make everyone feel like they’re in the home of someone who plays like a pro. All this ain’t coming in that easy, especially if you don’t pay attention to the little things such as the seating arrangement. Sure, you can manage with your dining tables and regular chairs but, will that get you the respect you desire? No. Invest your money in a poker table and gaming chairs to give your game night a pro-touch. 

Bring in the Right Stuff

To host the perfect home poker game, you must be able to blend the authentic atmosphere of real casino poker in your home game – the comfort and convenience to say the least. The task can be difficult but getting in the right stuff might help.

  • A premium deck of plastic playing cards (poker size) for a professional feel 
  • Poker chips to replace currency and for a premium casino feel 
  • Plaques to replace the pile of poker chips for higher value bets 
  • A poker mat 
  • A card shuffler to save time and keep the cards clean
  • The essential buttons: Dealer button, big blind button, small blind button, and All in button etc. to make the game more professional and authentic 
  • Card guards to keep your hand safe while they are kept on the table
  • A timer to keep track of the bets

The Midas Touch

Last but not least, poker and munching go hand-in-hand. A game of fun poker night is almost incomplete without a bowl of snacks and some beer. Although we’re sure snacks and beer won’t be a problem, keeping things neat and tidy with all the munching and drinking, pose a challenge for the host. Thus, here are some things you can get to add the Midas touch… to keep the spirit of poker nights alive even with all the drinking and munching.  

  • Coasters to keep the tables dry and avoid stains  
  • Beer bottle sleeves to keep the player’s hands and mat dry even with all the gulping  

If you are still confused, get in touch and let us help you become a good host. We’ve got all the cool stuff here that can add wonders to your home game night.